Embedded (In The System)

It was embedded in the system then,
And even now as we wonder
how did we let it get this far?
We went from trying to reach the stars
To now healing from too many scars.

It’s a system of no salvation,
Devastation on repetition
With no signs of a solution.

History has continued to show
That this isn’t a place for you and I.
Where they say we cheat, steal and lie.
It’s clear that the color of our skins
gets underneath their skins,
And makes them shiver from within.

One wrong move could easily
prove to be your very last one.
And just like that, your life is done,
All hopes and dreams gone.

The hatred they have for you and me
Is part of their history.
Some hate that we were set free.
It may seem so long ago,
But it’s far from a distant memory.

What do we do with a system that’s broken?
Or when they ignore the words
that have been spoken?

We make our voices louder,
We make them hear it much broader.
We show them that we have the power.

We won’t stand for inaction this time,
You’ve got to pay for your crime.
Admit your flaws, and change the laws.

All we want is justice and peace.
We don’t want our sons and daughters,
Our sisters and brothers,
Our fathers and mothers
To have to be deceased.