The Backs You Stand On

Before you say, “I deserve…”
Remember the sacrifice
People made to get you here.
Before you ask, “what about me?”
Remember their blood, sweat,
and tears year after year.
You are standing today,
But only able to do so on their backs.
Yet you choose to ignore the cracks
You have made with your heavy burdens.
Did it ever occur to you that
You can give a helping hand
Without making a demand?
Did it ever occur to you that
Life itself is just not fair?
There will be misery and despair.
So, why not show the ones who
Are there for you that you actually care,
That you’ll lessen the weight on them,
And that you’ll find a solution
Instead of always being the problem.
Look beyond what you normally see.
It’s not always about, “me, me, me”
Selfishness can only get you so far.
Not everyone is going to fight for you,
so, appreciate the village That helped raised you.