Before The Page Is Turned

Take a page from my life,
Read between the line,
Read it carefully,
Tell me what do you see?
I’m not who you thought I was.
Because behind the smiles,
And beyond the applause,
I’m still searching for a cause.
I may appear to have it all,
But life has thrown its curve ball,
And I’ve had my downfall.
I’ve been tested to the brink,
So many nights I stayed up and overthink
Will I make it out or will I sink?
Should I go see a shrink
or just pick up another drink?
I had so much to release
Before I could find my peace.
It’s true what they say
The grass isn’t always greener,
The air isn’t always cleaner.
Because I had a cloud of doubt
Constantly Hovering over me,
and no one could hear me shout.
I don’t mean to preach,
I can only teach you what I’ve learned
before the page is turned.