Broken Barriers

Yes, we can on the steps
of hope paved by the brave
civil leaders who marched
before us and for us.
We show our respects
To the leaders who
broke the barriers
and showed that our
skin color will not deter
us from aiming higher.

There’s a power in believing
we are meant for a greater purpose.
The doorway has been opened
for us to move forward.
The audacity of Hope
has given us chance to look
at the grand scope of things.

Although times have changed,
there’s still a lot more
we can do to help each other
overcome and advance further.
Today is not the day to rest,
we must invest in our youth.
The ones before us have
been put through the test
so that we can all walk and
live freely from east to west.

From the north to the south,
Our message will not only travel
through word of mouth, but also
Through our beliefs and the actions.
It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white,
because we will fight a good fight,
we will stand for what is right!
We will stand for those who wish
to reach the highest office in the land.