A Whole World In Your Eyes


I never realized that there
was a whole world in your eyes.
Filled with so much beauty,
I could stare into infinity.
I see you and me living
together happily.

A whole world in your eyes,
Such a wonderful surprise.
More radiant than the sunrise,
and more clear then all the skies.

A whole world in your eyes,
So much to visualize.
Something like a fantasy,
A journey through the galaxy
Right here in front of me.

A whole world in your eyes,
That is infinite in size.
There’s endless stories to tell.
I can see the love inside,
and it’s where I want to reside.

A whole world in your eyes,
It no longer needs to be in disguise.
I could get lost in them everyday,
and I would never want to look away.
You have shown me the light,
and I see our future is looking bright.