Don’t you dare envy me,
You don’t know what I’ve been through.
I may seem alright when I smile,
But it’s only an illusion for a little while.
Every day I fight from within,
And I’m in desperate hope for a win.
I may seem like the life of the party,
But that’s hardly the truth,
That’s hardly the way I live my life.
I want nothing more than to give
My time to the people in need,
I want to help plant the seeds
For our future generations.

Don’t you dare envy me
Just because you think
I make this look too easy.
There’s more to me than this facade,
Like everyone else, I too am flawed.
I don’t belong on this pedestal,
I had to crawl before I could walk,
I had to learn before I could talk.
I’m far from being perfect,
I’ve got my quirks and defects.
I often take the time to reflect
On what’s going on around me.
I often wonder when we’ll
find solutions to these problems.

So, before you think to envy me,
Take a good look and see
that I’m in no better place
than you are, no, far from it.
Some of us have demons to conquer,
Some are addicted to drugs and liquor.
Some have the world at their feet,
while some are living out on the street.
What I have is what I’ve earned.
Nothing more, nothing less.
I have my family and friends.
I have my health, I’m loving it.
You can take the wealth, I’m over it.