Scars or Lessons


What do you think you’ll see
when you finally look back?
Will it be scars or lessons?
Will you learn from your past
Or just let the pain last?
Will you lie there and complain
or find the strength to rise again?
You can choose to live in misery
Or choose to rewrite your history.
Some scars can’t be erased,
But they won’t need to be if you
Embraced the meaning behind the pain.
Remind yourself again and again
That this too shall pass.
You shouldn’t hold back,
Break through the glass.
Your lessons learned could be
Someone’s source of inspiration.
A foundation to help rebuild
or to start an important conversation.
We all go through bad weather,
We all get hurt at some point.
However, we are here to grow together,
To heal each other from these aches
and learn from our mistakes.