Write To Remember

All you do now is drink to forget,
While I write to remember.
You hope with every shot
you take that your mind
will start to rot a little
And the pain will go away.
You complain that life is hard,
but you haven’t seen nothing yet.
I write to remember
Because we can only learn
from our trials and tribulations.
We can only grow from love and heartaches.
I write what I see, I write what I feel.
For some reason you can’t seem
to deal with what is real,
with what is standing in front of you.

So, you drink to forget it all,
you soak every fiber of your body in liquor,
In hopes to make your days go by quicker
and your reality seem less bitter.
But if you actually take the chance
to really look back at your life
and look at where you’ve been,
You’ll see that you’ve accomplished great things
and have truly spread your wings.
You have helped and inspired so many
and didn’t do it for a single penny,
but yet you were left with plenty.
You asked me why I write so much,
Well it’s because your story is like no other.
I wouldn’t want you or anyone else to forget it.