Anywhere But Here

Take me back to the place
where love would always be constantly.
Just anywhere but here where,
Everyone is so damn angry.
Take me to the place where
compassion was part of the action.
Where kindness was at its finest.
Where the world made sense
and people weren’t on the fence.

But Is there such a place anymore?
Am I just a fool to believe
in what life was like before?
The young and old have been told
Not to worry or to overthink,
But how can they not when the world’s on the brink.
Have we lost self control as a whole nation?
Have we forgotten about the human foundation?
Do we only find pleasures from strange fixations?

So, just take me anywhere but here.
Where it’s not rampaged by fear.
Take me to the place where
The dreamers dare to dream
and have a supportive team.
A place we can happily call home
and where the children could safely roam.