Pretender’s Game


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It’s the pretender’s game,
and there is no shame.
Some of us have to fake it
just so we can make it.
We hide in our fancy cars
To not show who we really are.
We’ve got many players
Many levels, many layers
So, who do you want to be?
What do you want us to see?

It’s the pretender’s game,
Go head and stake your claim.
You can choose to be just the same
or something that can’t be tamed.
Like a superhero, just not a zero.
You can become a role model
or be worship like a false idol.
Go for the fortune and fame,
Remember that there is no shame.

In the pretender’s game,
Everyone knows your name
because you are the best
at acting like someone else.
See, we all tend to put on a show
and wait for the applause to follow.
We try to display our best faces
in order to fit in these strange places.
Sooner or later the truth will come out,
They’ll wonder what you’re really about.
And if one day they should ask,
Will you ever reveal who’s
Truly behind the mask?