The Starman (David Bowie Tribute)

Somewhere up in the stars
He reached out to go home,
Can you hear him, major Tom?

Because we have all heard;
From his glistening voice,
to his shimmering glow.

He wasn’t like the rest of us;
Something about him amazed us,
Something about him lifted us,
Something about him inspired us.

An artist in the spotlight,
A legend in his own right
A starman on a strange flight,
A hero who wanders in the night.

The man with many names,
Not afraid to to play the game.
And never to be placed in one frame.

He grooved in his own isle,
Rocked out with his own style,
His transformation was worthwhile.

He was the man who fell to the earth,
But he quickly sold it after what he saw.
He wondered if there was life on mars,
As he watched us violently soak up the bars
and driving our fast expensive cars.

He wanted us to change, to take a chance.
He wanted us to express ourselves and dance.
We may not have understood him at first glance,
But we soon learned of his rock’n’roller stance.

He defied the odds and challenged the norm,
He didn’t see any good reason to conform,
And became a musical firestorm.

So, from ashes to ashes, stardust to stardust,
From rebel to rebel and station to station,
You have finally completed your mission.