A Piece of The Pie

You want a corner of the sky,
You want a piece of the pie.
It’s funny how you want it all,
But give nothing in return
or show any signs of concern.
But one day you will learn
what it means have something
that you’ve truly earned.
Knowing that you’ve worked for it,
Knowing that it was all worth it.
There’s no road paved with gold.
It’s blood, sweat and hard work.
You see, should you win or lose,
it will all be in your name
And if you should ever fail,
There’ll be no one else to blame.
If you want that piece of the pie,
It’s not something you can just buy
Or that’s waiting for you on standby.
It’s been said that good things
happen to those who work for it
And those who go out and get it.
Live and you shall achieve,
Give and you shall receive.