The Devil Sings The Blues

Oh, The Devil sings the blues
and he’s calling out to you.
He wants to share a dance,
so, will you take a change
and get in a bad romance?
He wants to be your Romeo,
And your everlasting show.
You’re what he wants, but can’t have.
But he’ll be waiting out for you,
No one or nothing else will do.
He see’s the passion in you,
He is lusting just for you.
The temperature is rising,
It’s becoming mesmerizing.
Can you feel the sensation?
Can you fight the temptation
To join him on the floor,
and to explore what your
body has been craving for?
It’ll be your guilty pleasure
to indulge in his promised treasure.
But should you deny him his wish,
He’ll wallow in his sorrow
until he finds another tomorrow.