It’ll Never Be Anything More Than This

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She just comes and goes as free as the wind.
But this time, she managed to come home.
She asked if we can meet and catch up like old times.
I tell myself that she’s just a blast from the past
and I know that the moment won’t last.
But I swallowed my pride and went for the ride.

She said let’s begin where we never left off,
To forget about past. But how could we forget
The life we built, the promises we made?
How could we let these memories fade?
At this point, it didn’t matter what I said
Because she’s only here for a little while,
So I’ll try to put on my very best smile.

Although, breaking hearts isn’t a crime,
She made it feel like a life sentence.
However, this may be our last hurray,
She’s got nothing left to give away.
And it’ll never be anything more than this
just a kiss goodbye, so long, farewell.
I’ll wish her nothing but the best,
To live long, prosper, and be well.