Bittersweet Innocence


Sweet innocence,
Oh, how lost you are.
Once so close, now so far.
Where have you gone?
You used to be with me
Right before the world
took its firm hold of me.
Now everything’s changed,
The universe rearranged,
And it feels so strange.
Uncertain where I belong
And it seems a bit wrong
Living like this for so long.

Sweet innocence, come back to me
And make me believe once
Again that there’s still some
Good left inside of us even
Through the ravages of time
And our relentless crimes.
How can we ever fix this place
When we’re  always at arms race?
But nonetheless, I’ve left you a space
For when you  eventually comeback
To me with your warm embrace.
But in case we never meet again,
I ask that you please remember me
When I was young, wild and free.