Like Medusa

Photo Credit: By MadeleineInk

They say just like Medusa,
she’ll cast her gaze upon you,
rendering you helpless & motionless.
You’ll be standing there stuck like glue,
Bound to a stage of lustful desires.
You’ll get love struck, love stoned,
And for this reason, you can’t look away.
She’ll know just how bad you want her.
She’s going to play hard to get,
So that you will never forget.
She will most definitely tease you,
yet oddly, this will please you.

And like Medusa, she’ll sedude ya,
she’ll slither around seductively.
The woman is bad, she’s dangerous.
she’ll sting if you’re not cautious,
but yet her lure is so contagious.
She will grab you by the heart,
blind by what you think is her love.
she’ll get a strong hold of you
and you won’t know what to do.

And they say just like just Medusa,
she’ll have you screaming hallelujah,
And you will want more and more.
she’s someone you just can’t ignore.
So you will have to play it cool
to not end up like those other fools.
She’s eagerly waiting for who’s next.
But you have been warned of trap,
so proceed if you will with caution.