The World We Live in


The grass isn’t that much greener, our beliefs are still the same. They say have faith, have faith, for peace will find you one day. That’s only if it can navigate through the way; the way through our cluttered hearts, the way through our scattered minds. Although beauty surrounds us, unnecessary hatred is not far behind. Fear itself has become very real. Trust another and you just might need to sleep with one eye open, trust no one and you might sleep a little safer. Some of us believe in the comforting idea of karma, a small hope that someday the pain will be eased away by providing us a bittersweet satisfaction. Others believe in sheer consequence that our actions dictate our success, while also dictating our demise.

We still fear the unknown presence, we still fear those outside of our own kind. We still believe in the tradition of our elders. Unfortunately, there’s still war and famine and the end to these travesties have yet to be determined. Some of us try to forget and simply move on. Some of us try to make a change for good, But are met by those who oppose and refuse to accept that equality can be a reality. History preaches freedom for all, but at times, we allow those freedoms to falter. We often neglect them for a quick buck. We neglect them to fit in the societal structure and to be part of the norm which welcomes prejudice. Instead of having open arms, we bear arms to protect ourselves from the perceived danger of others.But The danger isn’t from different cultures or skin tones. In fact, the danger is in our mindset.

But there’s always a chance for a new. As long as there are those who seek it, those who fight for it day in and day out, standing up and showing what they’re truly about. Traditions of the elders will be long forgotten, but never erased. We will see that mistakes were made, but most important, that change needs to be made. A new age will desire real freedom to live, laugh, love who they want to. Hope is a dangerous thing, but it may be all that we have.