It May Seem cliché

It may seem a bit cliché,
but it’s the falling in love
that’s got me acting this way.
It doesn’t matter what they say
because at the end of the day
I always get to go home to you.

This may sound somewhat sappy,
but you make me so damn happy.
This all may seem a bit unreal,
but this is how you make me feel.

It’s the twinkle in your eyes
that first caught me by surprise.
It’s the dimples in your cheeks
that makes me undoubtedly weak.

It may seem a bit cliché
to dedicate a special song to you,
but I don’t care just as long
as the lyrics carry through.

We can go travel the world,
I’ll get your favorite flower
and take you to the Eiffel Tower.

They say chivalry is dead,
but to me this love lives on
and romance never goes out of style.