From Afar

Orchid flowers and people in the background

If you could only imagine
His face when He saw
what he saw from afar.
There she was standing
there with another man
holding hands, making plans.
He was a fool for not believing,
but now he’s seeing that she’s
been creeping and deceiving.

From afar down the hall
He saw it all. From the
betrayal of his trust to the
Image of unfaithful lust.
He should have known better,
but he ignored all the signs;
She had finally cross the line.
He never thought she’d break
the vows they made to each other.
Now she’s given her heart to another.

It was then he realized the end,
There was no need to pretend,
He lost a lover and a friend.
From afar their eyes finally met,
They were looming with regrets
And it was then they knew nothing
Would ever be the same again.
Anger would not bring her back
into his arms. The harm was done,
whatever they once share was long gone.