A Piece of Pop Culture

[16:9 Featured]

You want your big moment,
and to start a social movement.
Is there a platform to stand on
or will all of this be for fun?
And when the stage is all set,
How many views will this get?
Will this whole thing go viral?
Then just spiral out of control
and disappear like a black hole
You may have 15 minutes of fame
And yeah, today we know your name.
But then what about tomorrow,
when there’s no time left to borrow?
Will anyone remember you then
or will you be like a forgotten friend?
At least you had a piece of pop culture,
Although it was somewhat premature,
It’s simply the nature of this game,
There’s no guarantee of lasting fame.
Maybe for those who have talent,
and have a reason to remain present.
But it’s going to fly by pretty fast,
And so what if it does not last,
The ride will sure be a blast.