Saints or Sinners


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In a world of corruption,
What’s the method of destruction?
Can’t keep up, can’t find the way,
Who’s going to be left behind today?
Is the saints who claim they pray?
Or the sinners who forgot to pay?

Which side are you fighting for?
Who do you think will win this war?
There’s no need for you to hide,
Show your pride and enjoy the ride.
It becomes a tough call for many of us
who are trying to reach the top.
Who’s going to make it up the stairs
When it seems like no one cares?

So, we fight it out, we fight it in
But in the end, who’s going to win ?
Can we honestly face the mirror
To claim that our hands are clean,
And that we’ve done nothing wrong?
So again, saints or sinners,
who are the real winners?