New Found Appetite


The day will come when you
Discover a new found appetite
For life, love and all the above.
It’ll be like a breath of fresh air,
Like you have been born again.

You’ve certainly lived before,
But now there’s so much more
That the world has to offer.
There will be so much to see
when you gaze beyond the past.

You move along as life goes on,
You’ll fall in love as your heart beats.
People grow, you grow with them.
Seasons change, you change with them.

It’s bittersweet to let go,
But that happens when you grow.
You start to think differently,
You start to see things clearly.

What once was may be no more,
You look forward to what’s next.
You’ll have a new lease on life,
and won’t waste a minute of it.

You’ll find who matter the most
and you’ll want to keep them close.
You’ll express your love and gratitude
with a brand new attitude.

There will be a new beat to follow,
There’ll be a different step in your walk.
You may not see change immediately,
but you’ll  soon appreciate it greatly.