Moments Captured


There are moments captured
With every laugh, every tear.
With every dance, every kiss.
With every birth, every loss.

Life goes on, but we don’t forget
and we try to live with no regrets.
Some of us see behind the lenses,
And others live in front of the lenses.
But it must be seen from all angles.

Whether it’s kids playing in the sand,
The students getting their diplomas,
The adults drinking at happy hour.
The performers practicing their routines,
The athletes preparing for a big game.

Although there will be a trophy,
It’s the story that means the most.
Whether written or captured on film.
There’ll be parents working late,
There’ll be strangers on a blind date,
And others will be sure to relate.

We may not have all the time in the world,
but we can still make these hours count.
We’ll always have yesterday’s memories,
but today we get to create new stories,
and tomorrow we can relive all the glory.