Hope In Forever


We still have faith in the lovers,
If they can make it, then so can we.
We still have hope in forever,
If we’re happy, then just let us be.

They’ve shown us a better way,
They’ve shown us a brighter day.
Who’s to say it won’t work out
or what love should be about.

There’s a reason we came together,
We are tougher than leather,
It’s why we believe in everlasting.

We must spread this message,
we must spread the love,
So it can stand the test of time.

We’ll make mistakes along the way,
we’ll get into pointless fights,
but the heart knows what’s right.

We can call it a gut feeling,
A desire to love and be loved.
The lovers paved the way for us,
They never gave up and neither will we.

They made it work, they made it last.
It’s why we still have faith in them,
It’s why we still have hope in forever.