Museum Of Dreams


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Welcome to the Museum of Dreams,
Where doors are always open.
Come take a look around,
Become whatever you want to be.

You can be a spaceman,
Get on that flight plan,
Set you gaze to the stars.

You can be an engineer,
A globally known pioneer
For technology’s new frontier.

You can be a rock star,
Go ahead and play that guitar.
Rock out for all your fans,
The music will set you all free.

You can be a movie star,
Where they’ll know who you are.
Make them laugh, make them cry.

You can be a great sportsman,
You’ll need to have a game plan
If you want to become MVP.

You can be a daredevil,
Rise to the highest level
And truly amaze the world.

You can be a freedom fighter,
Make this world a little brighter
Through justice and peace.

So, whatever you choose to be,
You alone will hold the key
To your own level of greatness.