The Finish Line (Rat Race)


It has been said that corruption
runs in business and politics,
but that’s just part of the statistics.

Corruption runs in every field,
that’s why we’ve got the sprinters
and long distance runners,
but never any winners.

Just a bunch of beginners
claiming to know the game,
but who’s really to blame?

Some start from the bottom
and quickly rise to the top;
not single a moment to stop.

No moral or reality check,
it’s just another bonus check.

Can’t afford to pace themselves,
not when the fine liquor
is sitting on the top shelves.

It’s a never ending cycle,
recycling old traditions
into brand new addictions.

There’s a lack of empathy
for human interaction,
but who really cares,
just speed up the transaction.

Notice how those who cheat
to get to the finish lines
are rarely issued any fines.

But instead are awarded first place,
now that’s what you call a rat race.