Plastic Exterior


In the mirror she never liked what she saw,
Because all she saw was flaw after flaw.
She wanted to look like all her friends,
They always set the latest trends.
She thought to change her exterior,
But she really needed to fix her interior.
Hoping to look like a Hollywood actor,
She decides to go see a doctor.
She wanted him to improve her face,
But he must do so with grace.
She wants to enlarge her  breast,
Make them look like all the rest.
She wants to lose all the weight,
Wants to be a size two not an eight.
She wanted to  look seventeen,
So her body needed to look lean.
To her, it didn’t matter the cost,
As long as those extra pounds were lost.
She wants the easy solution,
To her, surgery was the only execution.
She saw no benefits to working out,
For her perfect body, that wasn’t the route.
After all, she’s got people to impress,
And a poor self esteem to repress.
She’s determined to get that plastic exterior,
Maybe when it fades, she’ll work on her interior.
That’s when she’ll learn true meaning of beauty,
And that loving herself should be her main duty.