All walks of life

Aerial view, hot air balloons flying during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA.

We walked, we ran, we flew
Just to get to where we are.
Some of us might have landed far,
But we’re still part of this world;
We are from all walks of life.
Like a sister, and like a brother,
We should count on each other.
Look at all the places we’ve been,
Look at all the sights we’ve seen.
If we could only switch places,
We’d see a brand new point of view.
I’d feel your joy, I’d feel your pain,
You’d see my light, you’d feel the rain,
You’d see the wealth, and the poverty,
You’d see the struggle, and the prosperity.
There’s no doubt that we’ve got a long way to go,
Overcoming obstacles is all that we know.
Only time can tell where we’ll end up,
So if we fall, we have to get back up.
We go through the trials and errors,
We keep fighting through the terrors.
In the end, we each have our own quest,
We all need to strive for the very best.
We’re on the pursuit of happiness,
We shouldn’t accept anything less.