Underneath The Stars


The night we saw a shooting star,
We wished that it would take us real far;
Away from the boredom of this town.
A place with a crown for the both of us.
Where we could live like royalty,
We’d like to get lost in that fantasy.
To see the world, to see the sights,
To escape from all these fights.
As we lay underneath the stars,
We dream of erasing all our scars
We’d like to be as calm as the sea,
And to set our minds and souls free.

Shooting star,
can you take us real far?
To a place unknown,
Where we can be all grown.
Where there are no rules.
Where we aren’t considered fools.
No more whispers from the shadows,
No more hurt from our foes,
Only the highs, no more lows.
Can you ease all our sorrows?
And bring us a better tomorrow.
We lay underneath the stars,
With our dreams kept in a jar,
And our hopes bound to a star.
We constantly look to the sky,
In hopes that one day we will fly.