From Your Words

(Thank You & R.I.P, Maya Angelou)

maya a

Your life and your passion
Were an inspiration to us all.
You reminded us that when we fall,
We must always rise up again.

You taught us to believe in the power of love,
To have the will to forgive others,
And to have the courage to move on.

We may not be who we were yesterday
Or know who we’ll be tomorrow,
But we must always remain true
And remain open to all the possibilities.

At times, life may be a struggle,
But we must never remain defeated.
Because when we do pull through,
We’ll see that life is a universal celebration.

We must take the good with the bad,
We must be glad for all that we have,
And not dwell on the things we had.

We mustn’t be so set in our own ways
Or cave ourselves in from the world.
You showed us why the caged bird sang,
And most importantly, why it needed to be free.

We often forget that a journey begins with just one step,
And that a story starts with just one word.
In order for us to complete our stories,
We must take one step after another,
And we must continue to write our words.

You taught us that success means loving ourselves
And loving everything we did while we lived.
In your phenomenal life, you gave us your blessings,
You gave us your years of wisdom,
You gave us your powerful words.
And from your words, you gave us
The simple beliefs on achieving happiness.