Movie Magic


Gather around, it’s just starting.
There’s plenty of popcorn for everyone,
The trailer says this one will be fun.
It’ll keep us strapped to our seats,
It will make us all laugh and cry
And it will make us all wonder.
Whether it’s a film with a bloody knife
Or a comedy about an angry housewife.

These stories are as old as time;
A villain will commit a crime,
The hero comes to save the day.
It’s lights, camera, action.
But this isn’t a Hollywood movie,
Its got heart, so it’s a human movie.
This one won’t be a love story,
But a story of what love could be.

It’s the closest thing to time traveling,
An instant flashback to our younger days.
It can take us back through history,
Where we can witness all the glory
And all the unfortunate misery.
It can show us what the future could be.

It’s the mystery of a great story,
You’ll be surprise at what you see,
Twist and turns in every scene.
Characters are back from the dead,
The epidemic will be widespread.
Run for your life if you’re scared.

That’s the phenomenon of these movies.
It’s the perfect escape from a dull day,
Or when the rain refuses to wash away.
We can all thank the cast and crew
For the amazing work that they do.
It must be the wonderful magic of film
You can watch it alone or with a friend,
And always stick around for the very end.