Round of Applause (To The Graduate)

a graduation

Round of Applause for making it,
We all knew that you could do it.
Through hard work and dedication,
Guided by your will and motivation.
Took years to discover who you will be,
Hope now your future is clear to see.
At this time, not only a degree was earned,
But most important, life lessons were learned.
Your mistakes and failures didn’t define you,
They were stepping stones to guide you through.
You can now set meaning to your life,
You can now give direction to your life.
No task is too difficult, not even grad school,
Because your mind is the most important tool.
True motivation is an internal drive,
You have to go full speed if you want to thrive.
Here’s to a future with endless opportunities,
And becoming a towering figure in all communities
There’s a whole world waiting out there,
So fill it with memories for you to share.