In The Pale Moonlight


It’s such a lovely night
In the pale moonlight.
It’s the mood for romance,
A spotlight for a dance.
It’s a special time of day,
It’s enchanting in every way.
There’s magic all around,
There’s beauty to be found.
As we feel the cool breeze,
The world seems more at ease.
We could go for late night drive,
Tonight, we truly feel alive.
Dreams tend to come true,
When I stand beside you.
As the moon dims the skies,
I see the stars in your eyes.
Now, we finally have a chance,
To share that special dance.
The music is set to the right beat,
There are fireworks in the street.
It has become a parade of endless joy,
That no one can ever destroy.
Being with you in the pale moonlight,
Makes everything feel just right.