Used Up The Hours

beach bike

We used up the hours
Like there was no tomorrow.
It’s the only thing we could do.
We made every second count
From the time we got out of bed,
We opened all doors of possibility,
We filled our heads with positivity.
We strolled over to the park,
It was a fine day to fly a kite
Or quietly watch the birds frolic.
We met people with bright ideas,
And even brighter spirits.
We shared each other’s stories;
From very humble beginnings
To many years worth of wisdom.

We used up the hours
And as the clock was ticking,
We set out to do everything We could.
We helped a stranger find his way,
We saw the beauty in the arts.
We welcomed new music into our lives,
We did our best to capture the moments.
We ventured into road less traveled.
It didn’t matter that we got a bit lost.
We found our way to a white sandy beach.
We went for a swim in the nice weather.
We all danced around the bond fire
As the smoke got higher and higher.
As the midnight hour was approaching,
We all gathered together and sang.
We ended the night by counting stars.