The Sunrise We’d Like To See


After such an exhilarating night,
The sun was finally approaching us,
and it’s piercing through the dark sky.
Now, this is the sunrise we’d like to see,
A golden ray illuminating the town.
There’s that refresh feel of a new day,
We smell the scent fresh air.
We felt the morning high,
filled with diamonds in the sky.
Last night was filled with endless fun,
Now we’re up early to see the sun,
See the whole world waking up,
And see life continuing to flourish.
The colors became more radiant;
blending together to form this view.
The birds are beginning to sing,
This was a sure sign of spring.
The streets will soon be busy
With people rushing to work,
People out on their morning run,
And soon,  we’ll need to start our day.
But now, as we enjoy our coffee,
This is the sunrise we wanted to see.