Beyond The Wreckage


It was a thunderous night,
An electrifying feeling.
There was shock and awe,
There was madness all around.
We woke up to a damaged horizon.
It was the darkest of days,
But beyond the wreckage, we’ll move on.
We’ll go on about our lives,
But we must never forget.
It’s this day that united us,
This day where foes became friends.
Where right and wrong wasn’t a debate,
Because we all knew the right choice.
It was the choice to act fast,
The choice to lend a hand,
To save others and ourselves.
The storm came and went,
And it was a catastrophic event,
But we must not lament.
Because we are still here,
We still stand undefeated.
We may have lost materials,
But we didn’t lose each other,
We didn’t lose our faith.
We’re given a chance to rebuild,
This time around we’ll be stronger,
We’ll be much better prepared.
Beyond the wreckage, we’ve learned
What it takes to be ready for next time.