Contribute A Verse


(Inspired by Dead Poet Society & Walt Whitman )

We are a grand part of history,
No matter how brief that may be.
From our friends to our family,
People will remember us.
And like an empty page
In an unfinished book,
We will live out the story.
Even if it’s shy of glory,
We will contribute a verse.

Because we have a voice,
No matter how loud it is,
And no matter who hears it.
It will speak on ideas & beliefs.
Some of us may not be lawyers,
Some of us may not be doctors,
But we can all be scholars,
We are apprentices of life.
We see the writings on the wall,
We will contribute a verse.

From the depth of the unknown,
To our final stepping stone.
We are certainly not alone
In the pursuit of greatness
And the pursuit of happiness.
As we strive to survive,
We must live to the fullest.
As “The Powerful Play” goes on,
We will contribute a verse.