Just A Little Rain

rain flower

See, It’s just a little rain
Even though it’s falling heavy,
And we’ll need to find shelter.
We still have a place to go to,
And watch it enhance the scenery.
Because soon the sun will shine.
These dark clouds will vanish,
A clear blue sky will reemerge.
Sure, it may seem at its darkest,
But there’s no need to worry,
We still have each others’ company.

See, It’s just a little rain
And it’s not so bad after all.
Sure, it may last a bit longer,
But it’s not going to last forever.
Today, it’s just a little bit of rain,
We will see brighter days again.
We can’t let it stop our fun,
We can’t let it ruin our moment.
Why wait for a brand new day?
We still have some time to play,
Let’s not waste this day away.