Seasoned Champ

Pair of boxing gloves hanging.

Seasoned champ, don’t give up now,
There’s still some fight left in you.
Seasoned champ you need to get back up,
Show everyone what you can do.
You can still claim what you once had,
Be strong through the good and the bad.
Time itself has made you very wise,
Now is the moment for you to rise.
Open your eyes, you’re the star,
Don’t ever forget who you are.
You’re the champ, you’re a fighter,
Your future is only getting brighter.
Believe it, this is still your time,
You are still in your prime.
Now it’s time for you to shine,
Set the bar for the next champ in line.
You’re the great seasoned champ,
This doesn’t have to be the end,
The thrown is yours to ascend.