Through the Window


Through the window,
We see life flashing by.
Opportunity shows its face,
it wants us to leave this place.
It has to be here and now,
but we just don’t know how.
So, we have to make a plan,
one that we can understand,
And one that should be grand.

Through the window,
People move pretty fast,
But can the momentum last?
Why rush to the days end ?
When there’s still time
To go see the whole world,
Accomplish something great,
Make a name for ourselves,
And eventually settle down.

Through the window,
We’ll take one last look
As we venture into the madness.
It’s a scary feeling having
To fill the void of the unknown,
Satisfy our endless curiosity,
Leave the comfort of certainty,
Face the realm of reality,
And make a lasting memory.