The Best of Us


We experienced a lot over the years,
From the all the pain and cheers,
Through the highs and lows,
with many miles left to go.
You are not alone in this fight,
It’s a universal struggle,
A struggle we must endure,
A struggle we must all win.

It could happen to the best of us,
It can even show the worst in us.
The way we tackle life’s obstacles,
and how cope with failure.
Hard times has fallen on most of us,
Good times will only visit some of us.
Unfortunately, not everyone gets a break.

So, we put our lives at risk,
In hopes of making ends meet,
That preparation and luck will greet.
We go through the highs and lows,
We feel the impact of harsh blows.
All to become stronger than before,
And be able to take on much more.
So, here’s to all those years,
As we celebrate with love and cheers.