Description of A Masterpiece


No one can overlook it,
There’s so much more to it,
It’s waiting for us to discover it.
It’s nothing like you’ve imagined.

A message in every line,
A difference in every stroke,
Captivating from corner to corner.
There’s a story in this canvas.

How can someone relate
To a vision that’s so great?
A creation that moves you,
A masterpiece that rocks you.
It’ll affect your point of view.
There can never be an imitation
That could capture this imagination.

It’s truly one of a kind,
It will open a closed mind.
It’s beauty and magic combined,
But some would say it’s undefined.
It appeals to more than just scholars,
We’re all enthralled by its vivid colors.

A work of art so appealing,
It conveys a mysterious feeling,
It has a secret that it’s concealing.

It’s classic, it’s timeless,
It’ll leave you speechless,
It’ll bring life back to the heartless.