The Skywriter’s Message


Hey Skywriter,
I need your help up there.
I need you to write my message.
Pour my heart in the air,
Show her just how much I care.
I’m trying to re-write my wrong,
I know that it took far too long.
I want her to know that I’m sorry
And I hope that she forgives me.
Somehow I just lost my cool,
How could I’ve been such fool?
She has always been good to me,
It may be late, but now I see
That she means the world to me.

Skywriter, make this one grand.
I hope you can understand
What I’m going through.
So, here’s what we have to do,
Cover the sky with words so true,
Make it end with “I Love You”.
Give her the greatest view.
It doesn’t matter the cost.
I just really need her back,
I don’t want us to fade to black.
So skywriter, please make it clear
And let her know that I’m always here.