As People Come and Go

paint fun

As people come and go,
We never really know
How long they will stay.
There’s only so much we can say
To keep them from going away.
We try to keep them in our lives,
But they may have other plans,
At times, it’s hard to understand.
But we do the best we can.
We sometimes become naive,
In hoping they don’t leave
but it’s just not up to us.

As people come and go,
We put on a good show
To let them know that we care.
We wish to keep them around,
To make them feel safe and sound,
To assure if lost, they will be found.
It’s this devotion that keeps us bound.
Everything changes like the seasons,
Some people remain for many reasons
And some say their final goodbyes.
We can either fill that empty space
Or honor their memories with grace.