More Than A Pretty Dress


It was like fireworks when she entered the room.
Time stopped, we could all smell her perfume,
The scent of a flower ready to bloom.

Stop the press, stop the press,
There was more to her than just a pretty dress,
It was all beauty and nothing less,
Looks compared to that of a goddess.

She came in with mesmerizing lips,
Walking with such striking hips,
Followed by flirtatious hair flips.

Tonight she’ll have a special mention,
Because she has all of our attention.
It is now an intense contention.

She’s got such piercing gorgeous eyes,
She could be a master of disguise…
Yet we’d be eager to see that surprise.

Her style is sexy with an attitude to match.
It’s all too tempting, but what’s the catch?
We’re left with nothing, but our heads to scratch.

She is Mysterious, yet seducing.
There’s an amount of lust she is producing,
But yet there’s all the courtships she’s eluding.

What could a woman of her status need?
She is becoming harder and harder to read,
But a good night of fun, that much is guaranteed.