Like Lovers Do

venice canal

It’s not the right place
Or the right time for us now.
We’ve crossed paths before,
but never heading in the same direction.
We’ve shared moments together,
But never had the world to ourselves.
We’ve made promises to settle down,
But plans always seem to change.
It’s a fast pace life we’re living,
Obstacles between us have been unforgiving.
But we can’t give up on this chance,
This is more than just a brief romance.
This is a love that we cannot deny.
So, let’s take a break from always saying goodbye
And imagine if we could Live like lovers do,
It would be just me and you.
We’d work through our hardships,
We’d kiss each other’s lips.
We’d dance to our favorite song,
We’d make love all night long.
We’d stare into each other’s eyes,
And we’d spend our days in paradise.