Electric Eyes (City Lights)


When she arrived to the city, she knew exactly where to meet me. I told her to look for the brightest lights; to follow the electric eyes staring from everywhere. These city lights will guide us through the night. I want to open her mind, show her all the sights. The night is still young, we’ve got so much to live for; I want to show her all that there is to offer. The lights aren’t the only things shining tonight, her smile is also beaming bright. I couldn’t wait to hold her in my arms, I couldn’t wait to kiss her underneath the moon light.

I want to give her a night to remember, this is my party life and I want to make her a party member. We’ll make the night come alive, we’ll turn on all the lights and watch all the street performers come alive. Next, I took her into my part of town, I wanted to show her how we get down. I told her not to be afraid to dance and that it’s alright to take a chance. So let music guide you, and let the spotlight shine on you. Tonight is our night to live and don’t worry about tomorrow, because I’ve got a feeling that we’ll be all right.