A Refreshing Stop

Cherry blossom

     Ever stopped to smell the roses from your busy life? You come to question life’s wonders, gaze at its beauty. It’s at this point where you shut out the world to reflect your inner thoughts. You glance back at the slide show that is your life and allow each picture to trigger a forgotten memory. You wonder where did the years go and what happen to your youth? You had dreams, but those died when you realized life itself can be a dream killer. You now ponder your future; will you ever reach your goal of happiness? Will the ones you love truly return the love without any requests? You ask yourself, why you’ve waited so long to smell the roses? They’ve always been around, but your mind, body and soul weren’t all there.
     You shuffle through life like all the others; ignoring that you have a greater purpose. The purpose to live a fulfilled life and not to wake up every day to your rejected dreams; not to live in current failures and constantly dwell on disappointments.You now wonder where to go from this point; return to your mediocre existent or set sail on a new adventure to redefine your meaning of living. Don’t let time be an enemy, let the clock tic as you rediscover the world. Now the choice to be happy is yours…it has always been yours.