We Haven’t Missed The Sunset


Looks like there’s still time,
We haven’t missed the sunset.
The day is quickly fading away.
Hurry, hurry, come by my side,
I’ll keep you warm in my arms.
If it’s beauty you seek,
Here’s view of a life time.
If it’s excitement you want,
Here’s the moment to live in.
If it’s companionship you need,
Look to me for comfort.

Here comes the sunset now,
Here comes the magic in the air,
Here comes the fireworks.
The sun is casting its final light,
The colors of the day are fading away.
No words can truly describe this event,
No camera can truly store such imagery,
This is only for our eyes to see.
Let’s just soak in the moment.
As you lie upon my chest,
We’ll watch the sun be put to rest.