The Price of Free

You need to go pay that rent
before the money is spent.
You know you can’t be late,
You aren’t the first on the list,
Don’t get the landlord pissed.
He might finally kick you out,
You’ll be to blame without a doubt.
This place is not at all free,
Try to go on a shopping spree,
And you’ll see that it’s not free.
Now look at what you’ve done,
All of your money is gone.

Some say freedom isn’t free,
But you should give it try,
Don’t wait till you die,
And don’t be living a lie.
Be careful with what you buy,
Save a little, spend a lot.
You’ll buy what you want,
And forget what you need.
Here’s a lesson about Mr. Greed
If he wants it, he’ll take it.
If he can’t do it, hell fake it.
He steals from the rest,
And that’s how he makes it.

See, you may think it’s free,
But there’s always a cost,
That’s where morals get lost.
We want it now, so we get it.
Then we start to regret it.
We accumulate all this debts,
So, now we can’t forget it.
We may think it’s free,
But we work for that money.
We all need it to live,
But you can chose to give.
Now, you should consider twice,
Before you go and pay that price.